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Why IndexReference?

  • IndexReference is a references repository specifically designed to index cultural and scientific contributions such as conference programs, lectures, abstracts and more, using a database freely searchable by the web.
  • A secure, open, easy search system will help the user to track all scientific activities quickly and easily. Search Now

What's new?

  • IndexReference has been created to index scientific activity which was never indexed before. Search for lectures, conferences, abstract and more in the IR database.

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  • A considerable part of research activity is not tracked on the web and gets lost. Often, young researchers and professionals have not the chance to build their career since their activity is not valued and indexed. IndexReference aims to give you the chance to broaden your horizon.

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Lanch a virtuos cycle. The importance of networking

  • IndexReference indexing system aims to give exposure and to value all sides of scientific and cultural research. Search indexed data and expand your network. Register as a user and create your own profile. activating soon

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  • As a user you can easily search the reference database, export files, enrich your curriculum recovering information, establish connections expanding your network in the scientific community.
  • As a scientific institution or industry you can bring additional value for your members increasing benefits for your research activity.

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How to Index

  • In order to index follow these few steps:
    1. sign up;
    2. fill in the form and upload your files;
    3. IndexReference Staff will contact you on your email address to finalize the procedure;
    4. an indexing fee will be required. Instructions to finalize the payment will be provided and your event will be indexed.
  • All scientific societies, research institutes, universities, professional congress organizers, industries, scientific referees, publishers, technicians and associate professionals societies can apply to be considered for their data indexing.

Quality control of the indexed data

  • The entire indexing process in IndexReference is focused on fulfilling high quality standards and strict security requirements. Entered data are approved and reviewed by the IndexReference Committee. All the data are safe in cloud and accessible from everywhere thanks to a web based, user friendly platform.
  • Entered data will be assessed in its objectivity, credibility and quality data before indexing.
  • The IndexReference uses a committee of analysis, the IndexReference Commitee (IRC), to review and recommend data for inclusion in IndexReference.
  • If there is selection for IndexReference, its citations will be reviewed and processed. Metadata, are added to the citations. IndexReference content is presented through the IndexReference database freely searchable by the web.